lens (re)cap: mr. president.

it was one year ago this week that president obama was inaugurated for the second time.  the thrill i felt in seeing him in person (though from afar) reminded me of the very first time i had this pleasure:  in december of 2007, then-senator obama stopped by seattle’s sodo neighborhood during the democratic primary for president.  i was then a sophomore in college, and my father, hoping to engage his children in the political process, bought four tickets for the family to attend.

the rest is history: i changed my major to political science, volunteered for his campaign, and set out for a career in politics.  this is my favorite picture of that pivotal night.



lens (re)cap: blanket vendor.

lens (re)cap: blanket vendor.

this was taken a few years ago in cabo san lucas, my favorite place on earth. nana has had a time share at club cascadas for nearly three decades and it is absolutely my paradise. juan was a blanket vendor who walked the beach every day. i love the contrast of the vibrant cloth against his white attire and the foggy sea of cortez behind him.

lens (re)cap: new years day, twenty eleven.

lens (re)cap: new years day, twenty eleven.

this was taken on january 1, 2011 from kerry park on queen anne hill in seattle. my resolution for that year was to take one photograph everyday. i made it halfway through may before my then-boss declared he was running for governor. to say my free time was drastically cut would be a major understatement. nonetheless, this was a pretty great way to start the year.