lens (re)cap: siena.

most days, i ask myself, at least once, “is what i’m doing right now, at this very moment, bringing me closer to my ultimate dream of permanent residence in tuscany?”  most days, the answer is a resounding NO!, but hey, a girl can dream, right?


lens (re)cap: sweet frisco.

i grew up in a kitty-loving family and i miss living with the furry little snobs.  luckily, i can get my feline-fill when i visit my east coast relatives in connecticut.  frisco is a beauty queen and quite fun to photograph.

is there such a thing as a full-time, professional cat photographer?  sign me up.


lens (re)cap: valley clouds.


my camera has always been drawn to dramatic clouds, especially when they’re showing off over an equally beautiful landscape.  i took this on a family vacation to sun valley, idaho, back when my love for photography was merely a flirtation.  while it is hard to take a bad picture in a place like sun valley, this remains one of my most favorite pictures, and it holds some great memories for me.

lens (re)cap: farmers market flavors.


farmers markets are one of my top five favorite places to take photographs, so naturally, i am looking forward to a scheduled trip to d.c.’s eastern market this upcoming weekend.  this was taken at the granville island market in vancouver, b.c. a couple christmases ago.