if you know me, you also probably know that instagram is my most favorite app.  some of my favorite pictures of my friends and family and me have been captured on my iphone, and seeing as how i continually live in fear that the internet is going to collapse in on itself and all my data will be lost (irrational, i know), i found myself in search of a nice way to print and present my instagram images in hard copy.

enter: printstagram(s).  you can order your ‘grams in the form a calendar, a framed print, a poster, a tiny book, stickers, or my favorite, mini-squares. produced in southeast asia, they always arrive at my door within 48 hours, and they are extremely high quality.  i can’t say enough!

i ordered three sets of 24 squares and hung them with mini-clothes pins and baker’s twine, then hung them in the color spectrum on my wall.  you can visit them here:







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